Thursday, July 24, 2014

Queen Castle

After checking on my queens today, I found that the feral hive from the Mexican bar, as I expected, seems to already have a queen because they are very hostile while trying to free the queen.  More like, trying to kill her.  So I decided to use her in my newly made queen castle.  I prepped everything and then placed her inside.  I then shook several frames from my nuc into it.  So far all is fine as the bees are already adapting to their new environment.  The nuc had been queen-less also (after a slight mishap) but the frames were full of brood, right on schedule, layered heavily in a good tight pattern.  Couldn't fine the queen, but if she was shaken into the Queen Castle, they will have to make another.  She seem to be a good layer, so if I did shake her out, that may not have been a bad thing.

On another note, I pulled the trap today from behind the Mexican bar as it contained few bees.  When I got it home I was going to use the few bees it had in the queen castle, but the bottom of the trap slide open just enough for all to escape into the yard while I was setting up.  Hopefully they will assimilate into the other hives.  Later

The Queen Castle (QC) is a modified 8 frame brood box with shortened frames to fit my octagonal boxes.

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