Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Queen laying strong

Checked the hive yesterday and found they are starting to build comb in the lowest box and the one above has bees covering every frame ( I don't use frames but you get the picture).  Have to pull the super to see if they are storing honey or just building up the hive to swarm.  Have put out a trap just in case.

The apple trees have set fruit for the first time and my apricot tree has fruit also.  looks good so far.  The Russian olive has just come into bloom so I expect the bees will be busy as this end of the island is full of it.  Last years blossoms only lasted 2 days because of the weather, but it looks good for this year.  It makes almost clear honey with a distinctive taste.

I got my first bee call last Friday, but missed it as I was at my annual derm. screening.  Think I will set out the trap today in Mariners Harbor.  Later

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