Saturday, October 26, 2013

English Pointer free to good home

Though I might update this,  She has found a great forever home in PA.  She took to the new owner immediately and just jumped into his truck like she had been his forever.  Wish her well.

Anyone interested in getting a fabulous little female pointer?  I found her last week lost, shaking and scared.  Apparently the owner doesn't care as there are no lost dog posters and calling the local SPCA and DEC wildlife division, no-one has taken ownership enough to care. Full of ticks and scratches but otherwise in great shape.  She is heartworm negative but is on anti-biotic for Lyme disease  She is developing into a great family dog and only wants to please.  I have had her hunting with my spaniels and she holds up her own (with long lead) and have shot over her (pheasant flush) with only a little excitement (where did it go).  With some TLC and good dog training skills, this will be a great devoted family dog which will do you proud in the field.  Families only please.  She gets along with other dogs well, but is protective of her new pack leader.



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