Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TBH inspection

Today I opened the TBH and found that the bees had deserted, only a handful left and dead.  Just like the nasty hive.  I am now wondering about the third hive, but its to cold right now to open it.  There was plenty of honey in the TBH so it must have been CCD or a high mite count.  My mite testing for the other hive came up negative though, so not sure just what it was.  Could not find bees anywhere, they must all have left during the last warm spell.

I ordered 2 new packages from Better Bees from upstate NY, hope I get better service than the last year from White Oak.

Got some nice comb honey, but because of the cold, and the thick honey, I'm having trouble filtering it out.  May take a couple of days.  Later

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