Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct 24, Fall feeding

Gave the hive a quart of honey and water (50/50 mix) to help fill some of the empty comb in the bottom box.  Its amazing how fast they can consume it, it was all gone within 5 hours.  Will top it off again tomorrow and that should do it for the winter.  It was warm (60) today and they were out in force, tho not sure what they were gathering.  A few were in my Broccoli flowers but most were leaving for parts unknown.  I also placed some insulation along the empty side to lessen the available space for the winter.

On another note, I went to the city on Saturday to w. 23rd street and saw some huge bees working some mint along the harbor park.  They must have been twice the size of my bees.  So much for down sizing.

Leaving on a trip to South Dakota for my annual pheasant hunt on Thurs. , talk later.

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