Friday, June 3, 2011

Settling in

Greetings to friends and the one other person reading this.

Bee's are making new comb, mostly burr comb in the empty space left by the missing frame.  Bee's busy gathering nectar and pollen and expanding the brood.  It will take a month or so for them to move into the hive above, I expect when they over grow their space.  Took out the entrance closer so more bee's could come and go easier.  The bee's coming back from gathering fly directly into the hive, race to the back and head straight for the depth of the hive to deposit their load.  Not sure where they are going to do the collection but the variance in pollen color is significant, from pale yellow to almost brown.  Will have to take a walk around the neighborhood to see what flowers are in bloom that they are using.  I expect that I can breath easier now that they seem to have adapted to the new arrangement.  They have emptied the feeder so I fixed the leak and will refill and put back tomorrow.  Next blog when they move up into the new hive.

The tension must be intolerable,  Later,  Pete

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  1. Your blog posts are entertaining, keep them coming, I got to catch up on the past post. I just sent you and email through the Meetup group. That's how I found your blog.