Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2nd hive

So far the bees are holding their own.  I have stopped lifting the lid to check on food supply as it looks like I fed them enough till warmer weather arrives.  Plan on placing some black roofing material under the hive to see if the ones who fall can be warmed and return to the hive.  Once they hit the snow and linger, they are doomed.

We have had wild bees in my back yard for many years and when they swarm again, I hope to catch them.  I also plan to place a trap back where I caught the first batch. 

After further reading on bees and bee keeping, I have decided to build another hive.  This one is going to be based on the octagonal hive but I thought I would have some fun with it.  I don't believe that all bee keepers have to be so frugal.  If I'm going to put a hive in my suburban back yard, its going to be fun.  How about a pagota???

The hive will be a Warre but with some modifications.  1)  I plan to add vents in the cover board to let out moisture.  2)  I plan on adding a feeding tray below the quilt, size to be determined later, I will put it on in the fall and add food as needed without losing to much heat.  3)   I plan on adding a sight glass door in each box.  4) I think a screened bottom will be called for especially after last summers heat spell.

Yesterday I took the dogs to CT to buy some Atlantic Cedar.  I chose this for its insect resistance and hope it will deter mites from infesting.  The lumber yard guys said the bees love it, especially wasps, as they get hasassed all summer. 

Its out to the garage to begin on the hive's.  Anyone interested in one, let me know.  I'll post a picture when it done.

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